Myanmar’s civilian govt vows to safeguard Chinese investments

Myanmar’s parallel National Unity Government (NUG) has vowed to safeguard Chinese economic investments and enterprises, as tensions continue to rise on the countries’ border, reports The Irrawaddy.

Weeks of clashes on the Myanmar-China border have prompted Beijing to intervene as peace broker between the Myanmar military regime and the Brotherhood Alliance of three powerful ethnic armies.

Since launching Operation 1027 on Oct. 27, the alliance has seized more than 400 junta outposts, bases and tactical headquarters, a dozen towns, and vital trade routes with China – including five border gates in northern Shan State and Rakhine State, where Chinese Belt and Road projects are planned.

As Beijing pressed for peace talks, the NUG’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a Jan. 1 statement outlining the NUG’s position on China.

The statement said the civilian government regards the People’s Republic of China as a specifically important country, both for its close, profound historical ties with Myanmar and also its status as a global superpower.

The NUG also values people-to-people relations between China and Myanmar and will make efforts to foster mutual respect, trust and cooperation “in the most effective manner”, it said.

To advance the interests of people in both countries, measures will be taken to safeguard Chinese economic investments and other socio-economic enterprises within Myanmar, the statement added.

The ministry said the NUG remains committed to upholding its obligations under any treaties or agreements, including boundary treaties, signed between the two countries before the coup in 2021.

The statement also said that any organization that poses a threat to the national security of neighbouring countries shall not be permitted to establish a presence within the territory of Myanmar.

The civilian government meanwhile underlined its commitment to cooperate closely with China and other neighboring countries to combat the regional threat of transnational crime, including cyber scams, gambling, human trafficking, and the narcotics trade.

The NUG also vowed to respect the One China principle governing relations between the mainland and Taiwan.

An analyst of ethnic and Chinese affairs said the statement was issued in a bid to alleviate Beijing’s concern that its interests would be damaged by the ongoing resistance offensive against junta forces.

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