Naniarchar UNO, a popular administrative officer Nuruzzaman threatened to death



Staff Reporter:

[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”60″]T[/dropcap]he hilly terrorists threatened Nanianchar UNO Muhammad Nuruzzaman once again saying the demand of taka 2 core would be realized or he would be killed as like as Avijit Roy killed some days earlier. The threat was given by a alternative mobile message, said the reliable source and police. Just 2 months earlier, the terrorists residing in hills attacked him physically and assaulted him heinously.

From mobile phone company RobyAziata propelled number 01869103572 the message was sent. They messaged though you traveled taking with army and police escort either by road or in waters. This time on March 2, the terrorists were sent three SMS by 01872167681, saying your death is nearing to. You may resign for leaving the work place or you be ready to embrace death by bullet instead of hurling petrol bomb. Your family members would face the same fate as the Avijit Roy’s family members received. Good bye.

While asked the Naniarchar UNO Muhammad Nuruzzaman ascertained the incident adding that I am engaged to public welfare tasks like distributing the government resources to the people including TR,KABIKHA,ADB disbursement, which generates anger and jealousy to the hilly terrorists.” I will go ahead with my rightful duties overlooking any fear of threat,” he added. UNO Nuruzzaman told parbattanews that they are not ready to erase misuse and mal-distribution to the public resources and money.

He informed the untoward incident to all senior district administration including the Deputy Commissioner and filed a general diary with the police station in this connection. GD number 102, date 03/03/2015. He will start legal initiative in this connection very soon, he added. Meanwhile the intelligence collected news regarding the owner’s identity of the mobile phone number. They said after ascertaining more information, they also will lodge a case against the criminal who threatened UNO. Just few days earlier,

Additional deputy Commissioner(Revenue) Muhammad Tanvir Azam Siddiquee fell into devilish attract of terrorist quarters in Rangamati while he was on visit to view the lands on March 1. He flew on running and swam river and reached home somehow. He was assaulted physically. On the very eve of great independence month of MARCH, the terrorists started new drive of assault on public officials across the hilly region that is not a seperable anything in the history of terrorism and violence of this groups. This is the inseparable incident to the fight of establishing JUMLAND in this region. The recent assault over public officials tells that they became furious again to realize their unjust demand.

It is mentionable that on December 16, on the very auspicious day of VICTORY DAY, the hilly terrorists stated to realize toll to here and there in this region and at last they destroyed 5 lakh pineapple farming places and cut down 22 thousand SEGUN wood. Before the very eyes of men in Local administration and police administration, they attacked UNO, but it is a matter of strange that there was no action taken at that time that instigate the terrorists to do more terrorist acts.

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