Nathan Bawm’s wife hasn’t reported for duty after transfer


Lal Samkim Bawm, wife of Nathan Bawm, has not reported for duty at Lalmonirhat’s 250-bed General Hospital despite her transfer from the Ruma Upazila Health Complex in Bandarban on April 8.

Additionally, she is not residing at her home in Ward No. 2 of Ruma Sadar, raising questions among locals and authorities about her whereabouts following the transfer. Local representatives and administration officials report having no information on her location.

Nathan Bawm leads the separatist Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF). Meanwhile, the army-led joint forces continue their efforts to arrest him and other members of this armed group.

Recent incidents in Ruma and Thanchi in Bandarban have led to the arrest of 70 individuals involved in bank robberies and terrorist attacks, including 18 women. The activities have also brought Lal Samkim Bawm, Nathan’s wife, into the spotlight.

Mrs Bawm was employed as a nurse at the Ruma Upazila Health Complex until her last day of work on April 8, the same day she was transferred, as per a memo signed by Md Nasir Uddin, Deputy Secretary (Director of Administration) of the Directorate General of Nursing and Midwifery. Despite the transfer order mandating her to start her new role by April 9, Mrs Bawm has not yet appeared at her new workplace and is considered on stand release since the afternoon of April 9.

Dr Bamngpru Marma, health officer of Ruma Upazila, said, “Nurse Lal Samkim Bawm was ordered to be transferred. Since then, she has not reported to the hospital.” He also noted the absence of any information regarding her current location.

Dr Md Ramjan Ali, superintendent of Lalmonirhat 250-bed Hospital, echoed this concern, saying, “Nurse Lal Samkim Bawm has not yet joined us, and we have no information on when she might.”

Concerns escalated after health complex authorities visited her home post-transfer and found her absent. They have also been unable to contact her via mobile phone.

Kalyani Choudhury, a reserved UP member of Ward No 2 of Ruma Sadar Union, expressed concern over her prolonged absence from home, noting that no one has seen Nathan Bawm there for nearly two years.

Sayed Mahbubul Haque, the new upazila nirbahi officer of Ruma, added, “Upon my arrival and subsequent inquiries, I learned that she is not in the area. If she had been detained by the administration, the public would have been informed.”

Md Shahjahan, officer-in-charge of Ruma Police Station, and Lt Col H M Sajjad Hossain, commander of RAB 15, said that while they are keeping a close watch on those associated with the KNF, they currently have no information about Mrs Bawm’s whereabouts.

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