Nearly 30 Rohingyas hidden inside Myanmar dump truck and arrested

At the Oatpon checkpoint in Zeepinkwin village tract, Kyangin, the dump truck was intercepted. Upon inspection, the Rohingya individuals who had been concealing themselves behind the truck were discovered, a source close to the local administrative office told NMG.

“We currently know that the driver picked them up from Okshitpin Township. Further investigations are underway”, the source said.

A total of 21 Rohingya men and 6 Rohingya women were apprehended at Oakpon checkpoint on the Pathein-Monywa Road on August 23rd, a police source also confirmed.

“They’re thought to have entered using the route from Toungup in Rakhine State. Rohingyas used to connect with smugglers and come through that way. When making a living becomes very tough, they have to take chances and go to areas where they might get jobs”, an aid worker helping the Muslims in Ayeyarwady Region told NMG.

Rohingyas clandestinely enter Ayeyarwady Region by crossing the sea perilously in fishing boats through Shwethaungyan, Chaungtha, Ngwesaung, and Gawyingyi beaches, as well as through Pyapon and Bogale townships, according to locals.

Certain Rohingya individuals also traverse the Rakhine Yoma mountain ridge, journeying along the Pathein-Monywa Road. They pass through Okshitpin, the Bakye-Yaynanthar intersection, Ngathaingchaung, Yegyi, and onward to Yangon.

A Rohingya couple traveling on a motorcycle was apprehended on August 6th along Magyizin-Kyatthunkwin Road near Thephyu village in Thabaung Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

Furthermore, on August 4th, a group of 67 Rohingya men and 5 Rohingya women, who were stranded at sea due to a malfunctioning boat about 4 miles from Kaingthaung village in Pyinsalu village tract of Labutta Township, were rescued and taken into custody by Myanmar Navy.

On May 5th, a navy vessel based in Hainggyikyun intercepted and apprehended 50 Rohingya men and 12 Rohingya women who were aboard a boat navigating the sea near Hainggyikyun in Ngapudaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

Similarly, on April 19th, the Military Council Navy arrested a group of 70 Rohingyas—comprising 58 men and 12 women—who were aboard a boat in the sea near Gawyingyi Island in Ngayokaung Subtownship.

In addition, on January 1st, 39 Rohingya were identified and arrested at the checkpoint entering Letekwin Subtownship in Hinthada Township.

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