Negotiation path still open for KNF: RAB DG


RAB Director General M Khurshid Hossain stated Wednesday that there is still an opportunity for the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), a newly emerged armed terrorist group, to return to peace.

He invited them to surrender and said his organization is prepared to facilitate their transition.

“We cannot accept illegal arms holders in a free country,” Hossein said, indicating that joint operations will persist until peace is restored.

Hossain spoke to journalists after a meeting at the Bandarban Circuit House. Earlier in the day, he had visited mosques, upazilacouncil offices and sites of bank robberies in Ruma and Thanchi, later joining a discussion with senior law enforcement and administrative officers at the Circuit House.

The RAB director general reported that operations had started, focusing on recovering weapons looted during recent disturbances. He emphasised that operations would continue until all illegal armed groups are dismantled.

Responding to a question about the arrest of eight Tripura people, Hossain explained that they were detained for interrogation due to potential links with terrorists. “If they had information and identified or exposed the terrorists, it would simplify our operations against their hideouts,” he said.

“We seek peace,” Hossain added. “The government has deployed the army in the hill tracts to ensure all ethnic communities can coexist peacefully. However, should unrest arise, law enforcement will not remain passive. Through the Peace Establishment Committee, we urge them to engage in dialogue and return to peace.”

Bandarban Superintendent of Police Saikat Shahin, and Deputy Commissioner Shah Muhajid Uddin, among others, were present.

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