No armed Myanmar citizens will be allowed in: Bangladesh home minister


Bangladesh will not allow anyone armed to enter from Myanmar, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan announced on Friday.

Speaking to journalists at the Chattogram district superintendent of police’s office, he said, “No one with arms will be permitted to enter Bangladesh from Myanmar. We have apprehended a few members of the Arakan Army who had crossed over with some discarded arms. The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has detained them, ensuring a robust defense against any armed entry.”

The minister’s comments come amid escalating conflicts within Myanmar, involving various rebel groups opposing the junta government. 

“The Arakan Army, among others, has been engaged in long-standing conflicts in the region, leading to frequent firing and explosions,” Khan explained. 

He further noted that numerous people, including government forces, the Border Guard Police (BGP), and civilian government employees, have sought refuge in Bangladesh to escape the violence.

“To bolster our security, we have reinforced our BGB forces and remain vigilant with the Coast Guard, navy, and police all on high alert,” the minister added.

Bangladesh repatriated over 300 Myanmar nationals, including border troops, on Thursday, who had sought refuge to escape conflicts in their home country.

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