NSI detains 32 Rohingyas from secret meeting in Ukhia


The National Security Intelligence (NSI) detained 32 Rohingyas from a secret meeting in Ukhia, handing them over to the Ukhia police station later.

The detentions took place on Friday morning (May 17) at the Global Training Center, a multi-story building in Rajapalong, Ukhia.

According to reliable sources, the secret meeting was part of the Asia Pacific Summit of Refugees 2024, supported by the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH). Acting on this information, NSI members raided the Global Training Center and detained the Rohingyas present. They were subsequently taken to the police station.

Authorities also seized 2 laptops, 1 projector, 32 mobile phones, and various organizational documents used by the Rohingyas.

Intelligence agencies suspect that the detainees may play a significant role in leaking information about the activities of law enforcement agencies within the camps to international organizations and Rohingyas residing abroad.

Ukhia police station Officer-in-Charge Shamim Hossain stated that the detained Rohingyas are being interrogated. An in-depth investigation into the purpose of their meeting and their activities is underway.

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