One killed and at least 2  more bullet wounded by gunfight in Rangamati

gun fight
Staff Reporter:
One killed and at least 2  more bullet wounded at the bloody gunfight between two warring insurgence parties named Jana Sangati Samite and United People Democratic Front(UPDF) in Rangamati. A reliable source said that on Tuesday mid-night, over 500 round bullet-firing heard during the fight that held at Chelachara, Ghagra in Rangamati.
On establishing power-supremacy over one party to other, the warring armed groups indulged fighting against each other that continued till following morning. During the fight, one Russel Chakma(32) was killed and  two other fatally bullet wounded. The condition of wounded two is critical, stated the doctors. On the other hand, this incident instantly spread panic among the local mass and they began to flee to and fro.
Eye-witness said, the range of gun-fight apparently seemed to silence at dead of night but in the following morning just at 10 am, the whole locality turned into a deserted region as no humans once lived there. JSS Kowkhali Upazila president Suvas Chakma told  the area where fighting held, is a thickly populated with UPDF activists. So the incident what happened there is the outcome of their internal conflict. His party JSS is not entangled with it as Jana Sangati Samitee does not believe in violence.
No comment was available from UPDF as the leader’s mobile phone was simply switched off. Officer In-charge Manu Imtiaz Sohel, Kotwaly Police station confirmed the incident to Parbattanews saying a team of police personnel is patrolling the area after getting the news of bloodshed.

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