PCP terrorist, gang rapist Kriphal Bikash Tripura arrested in Matiranga Bazaar


Our Correspondent:

Security forces arrested an anti-peace treaty extremist Kriphala Bikash Tripura (20) on Saturday afternoon for alleged involvement with extortion, kidnapping and rape incidents in hills. He is identified as a member of United Peoples Democratic Front UPDF supported Hill Students Council (PCP). His father’s name is Hemendra Bikash Tripura living in local Bilyachari schoolpara.

On secret information, Matiranga zone troops on patrol duty went to the destination, began to search a passenger bus at Matiranga bazaar and found the criminal, and arrested him. The place is in front of Matiranga Pilot High School. In the meantime, several mobile phones, SIM cards and a receipt book for realizing extortion have been recovered from him.

It is learnt that Kriphal Bikash Tripura was involved in abducting incidents of Deepa Tripura (18) and Abdul Hannan(24) from the Bilyachari Signboard Area. He was also directly involved in gang rape incident to local DEEPA TRIPURA. He confessed his involvent to these three heinous incidents at initial interrogation. The arrestee claimed that he is a member of Hill Students Council(PCP) and Amal Bikash Tripura is his leader who used to lead him at every incident. It is added that they for long time were and are involved in terrorist activities, extortion, and abduction and rape cases in Bilyachari Signboard Areas.

Besides, Kriphala Bikash Tripura confessed that 19 PCP activists once committed gang rape to Hill Students Council (PCP)’s female activist Ukhracing Marma, saying she usually used to come every now and then to them and made fun and merriment with them.

Kriphal Bihash Tripura was handed over to Guimara Police station in the evening on that very day. Police officer in charge of Guimara Police station said to parbattanews that legal action against detained activist would be taken.

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