PDF seizes hilltop base in Chin State, captures 12 Myanmar junta soldiers

Twelve junta soldiers, including a major, were captured by People’s Defense Force Zoland after it seized a hilltop base in Chin State’s Tedim Township on Tuesday, reports The Irrawaddy.

PDF Zoland said its forces attacked the junta base on Kennedy Peak in the township at 4 am on Tuesday and seized it after two hours of fighting.

Three regime troops were killed in the fighting and the rest fled, a resistance officer told Zoland Voice TV, adding that PDF members chased after the fleeing junta troops and captured 12 of them.

The PDF also seized 24 military weapons, ammunition and an anti-drone jammer. One resistance fighter, Tg Kam Lian Pau, was killed in the fighting, according to PDF Zoland.

The junta’s military used an MI 35 helicopter to attack the resistance forces who seized the base, but no casualties were reported.

Troops from the regime’s Infantry Battalion 268 also retreated from a base in Chin State’s Falam Township on Wednesday, according to the Chin National Defense Force, the armed wing of the Chin National Organization (CNO).

The CNO also urged people not to use Falam-Kale Road to prevent regime troops from arresting them for use as human shields.

On November 13, the Chin National Army, the armed wing of Chin National Front, and other resistance groups took control of the Indian border town of Reh Khaw Da in Falam Township after seizing two regime bases.

Myanmar’s junta is suffering daily losses as PDFs and ethnic armed organizations have stepped up attacks on regime targets in every state and region of the country except for Ayeyarwady Region.

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