Pornographi of tribal girls are spread in internet: parents perplexed



Parbattanews Desk:

Tribal girls pornographi are spread through internet and mobile. Tribal young women specially girls and adolescents are victim here. They are trapped by their “boyfriends’. These footages were taken by hidden video camera with or without victims’ permission.

Reasoning these girls made them house arrest or left the area where they born and led their childhood. Parents are mystified to know about the spread of their children video and still photograph.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) official of Rangamati, a Sri Lankan citizen spread a video footage and still photographs of a Chakma Housewife last year through email while he left his job. These all are sensitive photographs with the official and the woman and these widely speeded mobile to mobile. Victim bound to hide herself for sake of her status.

Immediately after the incident, in the same city, an elite girl’s photograph spread while she undressed herself before her accepted one. However, she was able to stop transmitting those footages and photographs from online. After the incident, she got married to maintaining secrecy.

According to source, in Rangamati, video footage of tribal adolescents and young women was spread widely for last few months. Three elite girls’ footage was talk of the town. Royal daughter, High-official’s daughter, and two school-going students were in those video. Mostly, they are tribal.

However, two footages were massively open out whereas Bangali man is suspected for the crime. He is the resident of Rangamati. Victim young woman sue filled against the suspected perpetrator. Police is in action to arrest him but yet invisible, investigating officer said. This video shooting took from Motel George, police confirmed. Nasiruddin Sharif, investigation officer said, they are trying to find the victim and will continued their searching.

Police super of Rangamati, Masud-Ul Hasan said, it is natural that in hill tracks will also hack the trend spreading pornography. We, the police officials have already met on the issue. And will not stop our mission.

In this week, some still-picture of Chakma young woman was spread with mobile phone seller. It was unexpected to all. Footage of ‘motor cycle sex’ was also talked of the town. A high official Of UN’s personal photographs with two tribals was spread during the time. Furthermore, five tribal young women and a Marma model’s photograph also speeded.

Almost 50 young women’s photograph is in young men’s hand. Most of the pictures and footages took by hidden camera. Some of the cases, these photographs took with victim’s permission.

Nirupa Dewan said, tribal being also upgraded but the problem is, these occurred harassment and finally victims are women, girls, and adolescents. Thus, only education is not the solution. With education all needs to be aware about this. She urged, a strategy to use mobile is needed in-deed. Parents also need to be aware of their adolescents.

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