Proposed medical college and technology university will be hindered at any cost- Santu Larma

Santu larma

Kaptai Correspondent:

[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”60″]M[/dropcap]edical college will be hindered at any cost. Government degraded and betrayed us by CHT Peace Accord. Government has to pay for betraying with Jummu nation. Thus, All “Paharee Chhatro Porisod” (Hill Tracks Student Forum) will work together for Jummu nation’s rights“, said by Santu Larma on Wednesday in orientation program of Karnafuli Degree College. He was the Chief Guest of the program. The orientation program was organized by Kaptai Thana Paharee Chhatro Porisod.

Santu criticized the ruling government for betraying with Regional Forum (Ancholic Porisod). He uttered, though Development Board will work under Ancholic Porisod’s rule as per to Peace Accord as well as Constitution, government ignored the act and drown in corruption one after another. Hence, he invites the young people to work together for development of Jummu Nation by education and to execute Peace Accord.

Asingmong Marma, President of Paharee Chhatro Porisod (Kaptai Thana) chaired the orientation. Babudhon Chakma, leader of Paharee Chhatro Porisodd, Jewel Chakma and more attended the program.



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