Protest against establishing BGB Head Quarter in Bandarban


Staff Correspondent:

3rd proposed area for establishment of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) HQ handed-up again in Bandarban.

The 1st and 2nd proposed area for BGB HQ was denied by tribal. Accepting the demand by the government, the latest selected area was at Khansama Para in Royangchari Upazilla in Bandarban. When the land acquisition process has been started, Jono Songhoti Somiti (JSS) opposed and people in the area were fright.

When BGB has started to establish their HQ near Khansama Para, opposing the process, tribal at Khansama Para and Nainkha Para were lined-up in a human-chain on Sunday in front of Press Club. After this, tribal presented a memorandum to Prime Minister through District Councilor (DC)

Rayangchari Upazilla Chairperson and JSS leader Ka Ba Mong and Dendoha Jolai uttered their deep frustration. They accused, where BGB HQ is estimated to establish, an old crematory as well as tribal residence was there which is suppose to be vandalized as after effect. It may be hampered to perform our rituals, cultivation and other religious activities, speakers said.

However, BGB said, to perform organizational activities smoothly, BGB had taken an initiative of land acquisition on 2013. From the begging of the process of land acquisition, when Chaingapara and Peshkay of Rayanchari Upazilla was selected for establishment of BGB HQ respectively was opposed by same opponents. Anyway, BGB decided to establish its HQ at Khansamapara.

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