Rangamati medical students staged human chain for starting immediate classes, appeal not to spoil academic career


Senior Staff Correspondent:

‘Becoming doctors, we intend to give service to the common people and want to nourish ourselves as service giver to the cause of humanity. Now, we fall into the fire of anger of the people living in hills. Why do we burn our career? First year MBBS students of Rangamati government medical college expressed their grievances at a press conference arranged on Thursday at Chittagong press club after joining to human chain program for immediate realizing starting classes. Snehashish Chakrabarty, a student leader in her written speech with sobbing voice said we demand steps to erase all hindrances standing our way to educational life including immediate starting classes in view to avoid session jam.

In her speech she added on January, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated academic activities of 11 medical colleges across the country including the Rangamati one, but Rangamati medical college could not able to start classes yet, On the other hand the other college’s academic tasks began accordingly. The classes of other medical colleges already completed 6 to 7 items and card exams. This lacking and backwardness compel to lag behind at least one and half year’s session jam. We tried to attract attention to the hill leaders in this regard but they did not pay heed to our appeal. Now career of 51 students is poised to threat. We are not engaged to cherish demarcating line in us as we the medical students have no belief in Bengalis or hills; service to humans is our motto and duty.

Among the students, First year student Rafiqul Islam, Mithila Dewanjee, Laboni Biswas, Shahrin Sultana, Nazmuch Sahar Maher, Iftekhar Mahbub were present at the press conference. Teachers and guardians also participated to the human chain program. The student speakers urged upon the concerned parties including the government not to play dirty politics taking the life of the medical students as they dreamt to save disastrous humanity.

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