Residents in fear as gunfire, explosions in Myanmar rattle Teknaf areas


Mortar shells and gunfire from Myanmar are rattling the Teknaf Upazila border in Cox’s Bazar, causing homes and windows to tremble. Residents of the border areas of Teknaf Upazila are living in fear.

Since 5 a.m. on Tuesday (26 March), these fierce sounds have been heard intermittently from the northern part of Mongdaw city in Myanmar. Clashes are ongoing between the Myanmar government forces and the rebel Arakan Army. The impact of the fighting is being felt in the border areas of Teknaf Upazila, including Saint Martin, Whykong, Hnila, the municipality, Sabrang, Nayapara, Shahporir Island, and adjacent villages.

Residents of Teknaf have expressed their terror, recounting how the sudden, fierce sound of bombs from the other side of Myanmar has been shaking their homes. They mentioned that they have never heard such sounds before and that it feels like their houses are about to collapse, leaving them panicked.

Gura Mia, a resident of the New Pallan Para area in Teknaf Sadar, said, “I heard about a severe clash between two groups in Myanmar. But I have never heard such fierce sounds before. This morning, they were so intense that the rattling of my windows woke me up.”

Social media is abuzz with discussions about the frightening noises. Abul, a resident of the Kayukkhali area of Teknaf Municipality, wrote, “At 7:20 a.m., I couldn’t understand the source of the sound. The whole building was shaking. May Allah protect everyone.”

Mohammed Kamal, a resident of Hnila Union Wabrong, said, “After the Fajr prayer, the sound of mortar shells coming from Myanmar made me think our houses were collapsing in an earthquake.”

Mizan, a resident of Sabrang in Teknaf, said, “The sounds from Myanmar were so fierce that all of Sabrang shook. On Facebook, he commented that the noise disrupted his sleep.”

For the past few months, intense fighting has persisted between the rebel Arakan Army and Myanmar’s military forces. Overwhelmed by the conflict, more than 500 Myanmar citizens have fled to Bangladesh, seeking refuge with the BGB. Of those, 330 have been repatriated to Myanmar.

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