Ruling party men try to misappropriate 81-cluster villagers deposited money in Khagrachhari

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BNP leaders in a press conference alleged ruling party leaders along with some government officials try to misappropriate tk around 19 core that were deposited by 81-poor cluster villager since April 12, 2004.

They alleged it in a press conference held at a club at Kalabagan area in the hill town on Tuesday.

Former Law Maker and Khagrachhari District BNP President Wadud Bhuiyan read out the press statement before the journalists.

Wadud Bhuiyan alleged ruling party law maker and Khagrachhari AL President, its district unit Secretary and some other leaders are trying to misappropriated 81-cluster villagers deposited tk 19 core that they were deposited aiming to create job opportunity for unemployed section.

Wadud Bhuiyan also alleged ruling party leaders and top admin official have received huge amount of bribes by the name of the selection of 81-cluster village project president.

BNP would go tougher movement if the group including admin officials not stops their dirty conspiracy to misappropriate cluster villagers deposited money, Wadud warned.

BNP warned AL leaders and concerned officials to go to court if ruling party men and admin people not stop their dirty game; Wadud said adding that mass people would go to street to protest the illegal decision under the flag of BNP.

District BNP Senior Vice President Prabin Chandra Chakma, its Vice President Mongsathowai Chowdhury, Organizing Secretary Mustafizur Rahman Millat, Sadar Upazila BNP President Animesh Dewan Nandith and Merung Union Parishad Chairman Md Mosharaf Hossain answered the quarries of journalists.



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