Santu and Debashis said there is no indigenous in Bangladesh, All are tribal- Dipankar Talukdar


Staff Correspondent:


Former state minister of CTG hill affairs ministry and Rangamati District Awami League chairman said, Santu Larma and Debashis the King of Chakma Community accepted that there being no indigenous people in Chittagong hill tracts as well as Bangladesh. all are tribal and ethnic. However, they are spreading anger on ‘indigenous’ issue in hill tracts.

Dipankar Talikdar claimed, he was the pioneer celebrating “International Indigenous Day”. While Diponkar celebrated the day, Shantu Larma opposed that there being no indigenous people in the country. All we are tribal. It was being an eye-wash. And somebody being tried to misguide the people to stop Jommo Movement.

In 1997, Dipongkar persuaded Shantu to comprise the ‘Indigenous’ instead of ‘Tribal’ in Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord, 1997. Shantu denied then again. Thus in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord, 1997 word ‘tribal’ remain unchanged, Dipankar added.

Chakma Circle Chief and king Barrister Debashis Roy, as an advisor of last caretaker government of Bangladesh, officially wrote that there is no indigenous people in Bangladesh, said Dipangkar at the meeting. Dipongkar asked, “Why are they trying to make chaos in hill tracts regarding indigenous people? Which country is involved for the conspiracy?”

He urged, the issue of existence of indigenous is asked over research. But only for this, no need to make mayhem. Dipongkar said, AL govt. has already established liberal democracy with guidance of Shaikh Hasina and would continue it with her leadership. He said, the acquisition and development of all people in hilly areas should be involved in all religion. We need to work together for education, health, communications, power and other culture, religious values, democracy and human rights.

On Saturday, Dipongkar was chair of the national mourn day organized by Rangamati District Labor League. Bidhut Joty Chakma, Ruhul Amin, Sakhawyat Hossain, Weman leader Jebunnesa, Labor League leader Jhorna Khisa, Tawhid Al Mahmud, Shamsul Alam, Abdul Wahab, Abul Kashem, Mijanur Rahman, Md. Jahangir Alam, Abul Hossain and Sham Dev were presented at the meeting.

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  2. May I humbly urge upon our tribal or indigenous, whatever name you call, brethren to forget and forgive the past not-so-nice treatment from both Govt and shanti bahini. Bangladesh is a very small piece of land, why can’t we live together as own brothers and sisters. I have a good number of friends from Chakma Rakhaine and other ethnic groups. I took my wife and daughter to your Sangri festival, I don’t find any difficulty to live with people from different religion, country or different belief.
    You, leaders have to persuade the people to avoid hatred and to love and sympathy to others. My own brother lives in Spain, my mother stays in England and I live in Dhaka – all these are part of life. Had there been a possibility, I would build a small cottage in Bandarban.
    Let us all make this Bangladesh a peaceful prosperous and progressive living. On my death, my dead body will be buried and in your case may be this will be burnt.
    The beginning and end of our life is same. Let us not fight, let’s be friends.

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