Santu’s party is responsible for all kind of unrest in CHT- UPDF


Parbattanews Report:

Santu’s group is responsible for all kind of unrest in Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT), United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) demand in a statement.  Sushil Chakma is not the UPDF worker rather he is proactive worker of Janasanghati Samiti, stated on a press release sent to media on Wednesday by Rangamati District UPDF organizer Sachal Chakma.

United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) Rangamati District Organizer counter the accusation against UPDF in his statement which came from JSS and said the accusation is nothing but aberration. He urges on behalf of UPDF a clean investigation to arrest and punish the culprit.

In the statement Sachal Chakma sent to media as below:

‘JSS was trying to prove Sushil as UPDF worker and failed. So, they are now spreading the fabricated story. Sushil is an activist of Santu’s Group. He is originated of Kinchomachara’s Maischari of Naniyarchar though he is currently live in Kalyanpur of Rangamati with his family. When Santu’s armed terrorist group stayed in Kalyanpur, his (Sushil) father Basulal Chakma was their patron. They stayed in his (Basulal Chakma) resident for six months from last week of January this year. Moreover, Sushil was seen participating in several meetings and processions of Santu Larma.

Santu Group is responsible for CHT turmoil. Santu is liable for ongoing fratricide fight and he is the creator and patron of the conflict. Several died in these conflicts and he (Santu) is responsible those deaths. For these reasons many people have righteous grudge against him. Moreover, in the last MP election they seized people’s vote for Santu group’s candidate at gun point. As his group murdered, kidnapped and tortured several Awami League and associated groups’ activists in different times, Awami League also has grudge against his group.

Because of this boiling grudge against Santu group among the dwellers, that they attacked their office once. Moreover, they have warned the authority that they will start a movement to enact the Peace Accord, but in these 17 years there was none. And for their severely corrupted organizational culture and unethical favoring and most importantly dictatorship many of general members of Santu group are frustrated and bitter. And this attack in their local office can be a outburst of their anxiety.

Accusation of grenade attack against UPDF is completely unfair, unfortunate, dishonest and disgraceful. It is very clear, immediately after the grenade attack, JSS demand to announce UPDF illegal can prove their ill-intention. And this blast is pre-planned by JSS.

The grenade attack can also be a ‘Zorze Mia’ show. An outsider cannot commit such crime get through the strong security where Army Bridged, DC office is available.’


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