Security forces rescue 3 abducted UPDF leaders in Khagrachhari


In a dramatic late-night operation, Bangladesh Army personnel have successfully rescued three leaders of the UPDF Prasit Group, who had been abducted by the Democratic faction of UPDF.

The decisive operation, conducted around midnight in the Tarabonchhara area of Lathiban Union No. 4 in Panchhari Upazila, resulted in the safe rescue of UPDF organizers Nitidatta Chakma, Harikomal Tripura, and member Prakash Tripura.

The rescued were subsequently taken to the Panchhari Police Station for safety and further procedures.

Medical examinations confirmed that the rescued leaders were in good physical health. Speaking to Parbatta News, two of the leaders recounted their ordeal and expressed their profound gratitude to the Bangladesh Army for their effective and timely rescue operation.

Earlier on Monday, the abduction incident was preceded by an attack on the same day at around 10:00 PM in Anil Para village, targeting the UPDF Prasit Group and its affiliates, that claimed the lives of the group’s four prominent figures. Local sources revealed that the attack was likely fueled by a territorial dispute.

In the aftermath of the attack and abduction, UPDF leader Ongya Marma accused the Democratic faction of UPDF of orchestrating the attack, referencing a youth conference scheduled in the area. However, Shyamal Chakma, the president of the Democratic UPDF, refuted these allegations, hinting at the possible involvement of other militant groups active in the region.

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