Shameful killing of Tribal student unified Tribal-Bengali joint human chain successfully organaized

Kaptai Representative

“Pahari-Bengali bhai bhai, hotta-karir bichar chai” (Tribal and Bengali are brothers/ we demand punishment for killing) a slogan was out burst from the human chain on Thursday at morning. It was started at 10 am and finished at 12 at noon on main road at new bazaar. All where attended the human chain to support the human chain and ask for punishment of assassination. UP chairperson Engineer Abdul Latif led the human chain.

Mentioning that, a school going student Chabi Marma was beheaded by ‘butchers’ on Monday at Belchari. His body was found deep in Belchari forest. After the incident, people of Belchai, Tribal and Bengali, were organized demonstration, protect rally and human chain. Announcement comes from the human chain that they will continue the actions.

Kaptai Officer In-charge Harun-ar Rashid informed that two suspect Parvez Rana (22) and Nizam Uddin (20) have already arrested from Rangamati. The family member of Chabi, school teachers, head teachers, students, local representatives, and locales made the human chain success.

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