Teknaf border area rocked by mortar explosions, panic ensues


Residents of the Teknaf border region experienced a night of terror on Sunday, March 17th, as at least 21 mortar shells exploded within Myanmar territory. The blasts shook at least 13 villages in the Teknaf Municipality, creating widespread fear and panic.

The explosions began around 9:25 PM and continued for approximately 30 minutes, originating in the Nakpura area of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, just north of Mongdu. Sources within the border area indicate that the detonations were the result of a clash between the Arakan Army and Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP).

“The past six days had been relatively quiet, with no daytime incidents of gunfire or shelling around Mongdu,” commented Rashed Mohammad Ali, Chairman of Hnila Union Parishad (UP). “But the sudden barrage of mortar fire on Sunday night has left border residents deeply unsettled.”

Mujibur Rahman, panel mayor of Teknaf Municipality, confirmed the impact on villages within the region. “Jaliapara, Chowdhurypara, Kulalpara, Deilpara, Hangar Deils, and at least 13 other villages were shaken by the force of the blasts,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Md Mohiuddin Ahmed, commander of the Teknaf 2 BGB Battalion, said, “We are closely monitoring the escalating conflict in Rakhine. BGB patrols along the Naf River and the border have also been intensified to safeguard against any potential infiltration into Bangladesh.”

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