Tourism in Bandarban: dreams touch reality

Bandarban nelacol pic-25.8.2014

Jamir Uddin:

Due to unrest political situation and increasing violence over the country, tourism faced a shocking loss and brutally affected tourism-oriented business persons. Tourism-oriented business focal are optimistic to minimize their financial in upcoming Eid festival.

Turmoil including hartal, blockade in last term, tourist-oriented business folks turned off their business in Bandarban district. Workers retrenched to curtail cost by their employers. The result, these workers also fallen in uncertainty and faced financial loss. Business folks said, this loss near about hundred of crore.

Babdarban, a green-wild beauty catches it tourists with her own charisma around the year. The dreamland Bandarban is always full of its devotees. Meghla, Nilachal, Nilgiri, Buddhist Monk and Chinbuk were almost vacant last year. Hotels and motels could not even earn the break-even regarding to inadequate tourist. In the tourist season and Eid vacation, tourist lodge, guest house, hotel, restaurants are preoccupied whereas the business folks spent idle time last year. An official of Meghla Tourist spot informed to the reporter, they sold 10 to 12 thousand tickets whereas last year it declined to two and/ or two hundred and fifty tickets.

However, political situation seemed calm and quite so that tourists gathering has hopeful this year in Eid vacation. In Eid-ul-Azha, these numbers will be increased, business focal wished. To welcome fellows, tourist spots are stated to decorate. At the same time, business folks are increasing areas’ security.

GM Rahat Elahi of Hotel Plaza said, no booking are allowed within next few days. Tourists also wished that in this year, huge gathering will be in Bandarbar. They are reasoning that Eid and Puja vacation is in same time.

Tindu, Nafakum Falls Chhoto Modok, Boro Modok, Boro Pathor will be restricted for tourist to 15 September as these naval ways are unsafe to holidaymaker. In spite of this uncertainty, authority hoped, the weather will be comfortable before Eid so that they are heading to advance preparation.

Bandarban Police In-charge Imtia Ahmed said, we are concern about tourist so that working to strengthening security in the area and spots.


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