Tribal kid not raped at Panchari: Medical investigation report


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4-years Monpuri Chakma of Kanungopara in Panchari at Khagrachari was not raped. Medical report did not found any evidence of rape on her.

On 16 October, parent of Monipuri Chakma took her to Panchari Thana Sastho Complex (Thana Health Complex) to examine because they assumed that their kid was raped. Sonamoni Chakma, father of victim filed a case against Lalon Mia (35), son of Md. Farid Mia, lived in Islampur at Panchari Upazila.

Panchari Police Officer In-charge put on trial under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act after completing primary investigation and interrogation. Victim was taken to Khagrachari General Hospital for medical examination.

Several Tribal groups were gathered to make unrest in Panchari on this issue. Dr. Beauty Chakma, Medical Officer of Khagrachari General Hospital examined the kid. Three-member Medical Board including Beauty Chakma, Residential Medical Officer (RMO) Sajib Tripura and a Civil Surgeon signed the report and make sure, “no sign of recent forceful sexual intercourse.” In the report, it was also mentioned, ‘sign of injury noted over the external genitalia’

Md. Abul elder brother of suspect Lalon Mia said, his younger brother goes Kannungopara frequently for herding. Monipuri called Lalon, ‘father’. When she ran to hug him, the herd-stick accidentally hit her genitalia. “However, some groups want to create conflict on this simple issue.”

On the other hand, Sonamoni Chakma told, “Lalon tried to rape her. He tried to abuse and hit Monipuri Chakma’s genitalia.”

Investigation Officer Sub Inspector Shri Ram Chandra Bhattachariya arrested Lalon from Islampur after filing case against him.

Local Anonymity Leaders said parbattanews, “To turns people’s attention from police sub-machine gun missing by its owner Lakshmi Kumar Chakma case and combing operation by police on the occasion as after affect, Tribal groups are staging this ugly drama.”

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