Tribal police involved in arms smuggling


Parbattanews Report:

[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”60″]L[/dropcap]aksmi Kumar Chakma, a police member lost his SMG from Puja-mandar at Panchari in Khagrachari on October 4. He was a former Shanti Bahini member who surrendered his 7.62 bore Rifle and 600 rounds of ammunition to government, Police Super told.

It is to mention that 6-members team including Laksmi Chakma reached Panchari to ensure security of Kuradiyachara Sarbajanin Mandir. He was entitled for 400 of ammunitions and a Sub machine gun to perform his duty properly. Kiron Bikash  Chakam was their team leader. The arrangement of night-stay for these 6-members police team was arranged at Nalkata Junior High School, just opposite to Hindu temple.

Laksmi Kumar Chakma explained about the missing SMG, having their Pan (A jungle leaf that is famous in Hills as digester), he with his commander Kiron Bikash Chakma were played chest from 11pm to 4am. They went to bed after 4 am. While he awaked at morning, his SMG was missing. After a long search he informed his high authority.

Khagrachari Police Super Mijanur Rahman informed Parbattanews, Laksmi Kumar Chakma is now in police custody for interrogation. However, police observed inconsistency in his statement. He also uttered, Laksmi went his father-in-law’s house everyday while he was on duty. He met some suspicious individuals while visiting his in-laws house. Police Super believes, without involvement of their team leader Kiron Bikash Chakma and himself, this offence cannot be possible. Police Super confirmed, Laksmi’s father-in-law, Purnachandra Chakma lived in Panchari. Police Super also said, after investigation report it can be confirmed who actually are responsible for.

Answering to the question of probability to smuggling arms, police super said, ‘we are not confirmed yet. And team leader is under police surveillance. Police and BGB will continue their searching to find out the missing arms.’

‘Is mixed police force itself a boomerang?’ Police super replied about the mentioned question, government has a common interest to make Bengali-Tribal confidence building and positive attitude which made it (government) to decide mixed police force. It is also need to mention that according to Peace Accord we have to appoint tribal in police force.  However, Tribal police create problems sometimes and we have lots of evidence against them. About the evidence, Police Super said, some of our confidential information to protest tribal block and strike leaked out. So the idea of 50:50 in police force is suppose to be failed.

SamaAdhikar Andolon Secretary General (Partial) Moniuzzaman Monir expressed his deep frustration to Parbattanews, ‘the story of arms missing is completely fake & drama. Actually this is another way to stage a drama to smuggle arms.’ He said, ruling government appoint tribal in police force according to Peace Accord by ignoring protests appoint them (tribal).

After that, torched in police station is massively increased and missing of ammunition and arms from station were happening repeatedly. The number of missing ammunition and arms as well as damages by fire is remained in shadow. Some of tribal police member were caught in red hand while they were selling stolen police arms/ guns. This is as same as mentioned, Monir said. Monir also claimed, according to his source, Laksmi’s family is closely involved with tribal outlaws. He on behalf of his organization urged to withdraw tribal member from police immediately.

Mentioning that, after the Peace Accord, a large number of Shanti Bahini member surrendered their guns and ammunition s to join in police force. And according to an investigation report, these Ex-Shanti Bahini members being continued their communication with tribal outlaws. And for this reason, promotion of tribal police member was stopped. Anyway, this government has started again to appoint tribal in police force.

A brief history of fire in police station in recent years:

5 November 2013, Kawkhali Plice Station completely destroyed by fire. 12 guns including 10 rifles, 1 shotgun and a gas gun and 200 bullets were burned by fire.

18 December 2013. Manikchari police station of Khagrachari was burnt by 63 guns including 2 LMG, 5 SMG, 28 Chinese rifles, 5 shot-guns, 18 one-barreled guns, 1 tow-barreled gun, a revolver, 2 LG, a stun-gun and 4840 bullets. However, this tribal involvement was not confirmed in this incident.

24 October 2012. Police officer Prem Chakma and Jenal Chakma were arrested from Kafrul with 500 round of ammunition. On the basis of their information in interrogation, police discovered a large number of ammunition including 65 shotgun bullets, 137 bullets of 303 Bore Rifles, 189 bullets of China Rifle, 285 7.62 Pistol bullets, 9MM bullets 220 were found from a wooded self of IGP reserve office of Rajarbag police line.

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