Tribal political party did not celebrate Victory Day: Invectives on Facebook wall


Senior Staff Reporter:
16 December, the historic day of Bangladesh, the Victory Day. This is the day history of a war of sacrificing of 3 million lives to own the country’s independence. This is the history of shamefulness where two hundred thousand women were raped within only nine months. And this is the day history to be proud; we Bangladeshi finally get free from West Pakistan.

From the year of victory, Bangladeshi people celebrate this day to show their respect to the warriors who sacrificed their life to make the country free from West Pakistan and who are still surviving. Only the contrary is Tribal Political Parties never celebrate the historic Victory Day from day one.

On 16 December this year first massacre happened by the terrorists was destroying the Bengalis’ teak yard and pineapple field. And the second was Tribal households torched to make a tangle situation in hill was criticized by all. This is a kind of fundamentalist attack.
Even though like all over the Bangladesh, Tribal people were involved and joint with the Victory day celebration, the reality is Tribal Regional Political Parties never celebrate the Victory Day in Bangladesh.

Continuous aggressive political statement and action by United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) and Janasanghati Samiti (Santu Larma)-JSS including extortion, abduction, killing and kidnapping, no activist or leader of these two groups attended any of Victory day program celebrated in hill. It is very unfortunate and awkward, Shantu Larma who is enjoying state minister for 16 years was not present any of those program celebrated in hills.

According to Law Enforcement Force of three hill tracks and different intelligent sources, Tribal Political parties have no individual program or activity to celebrate Victory Day this year. Even no tribal parties or their representative has given bouquet on Shahid Minar to show their respect.
Not only that, browsing from their facebook status, the supporters and activists of Tribal political parties use invective on National days celebrated in Bangladesh and offered their people to boycott Victory Day celebration. Mentioned facebook uploads faced a critical criticism about their patriotism by civil society. Rather these tribal people are anti-Bangladeshi and they should not live in Bangladesh, civil society expressed.
Parbatta Nagorik Parisad chairperson Engineer Alkas Al Mamun said through mobile this is not new for these tribal political parties. Tribal parties was always anti-Bangladesh and that is why they have no program on Victory day. It is punishable in low land if educational institution is not hoisting flag or singing anthem on National days. But not showing respect to country in hill is repeated.

Anonymity local tribal representative said, tribal political parties are not working for tribal rather they work for their own interest. And that is why they have not seen in any program of Victory day celebration. They have no ‘commitment’ for people of Bangladesh.

Sajib Chakma, assistant press and information secretary denied the accusation not to show respect in front of Shahid Minar on Victory day that his party was visited Shahid Minar at cock-crow so that no one saw them. JSS has respect all National Day celebrated in Bangladesh. Government has lots of program on National day so that to celebrate national day, local political parties has limited opportunity to rejoice those days, he added.

Victory day is universal for Bangladeshi. Kiron Chakma, District organizational secretary of JSS also said, we all celebrate this day with due respect. Answering to question about their absence of Victory day celebration program, he said, JSS joint with government programs. But it is not necessary to celebrate Victory day separately.

Reporter of parbattanews repeatedly tried to reach and failed to communicate with central press head of UPDF Niran Chakma’s due to switch off his mobile phone.

Samoodhikar Aldolon General Secretary said parbattanews, tribal terrorists tortured Bengali for a long time in a planned way. They attack on Bengali’s assets and valuable several times. Massacre on the celebration is the nonstop process now a day. This is the process to controvert our victory day.

They hoisted Pakistani, Indian and Myanmer’s flag in victory day. They still believe on Jammu country so that they never celebrate National days. Involved for Victory day celebration must be under law and punished. Victim should be compensated.

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