Tribal terrorists opened fire upon the patrol troops of Bangladesh Army

gun fight

Staff Reporter:
At Forman Tila, in Rangamati, hilly terrorists suddenly opened fire upon the troops patrol on Thursday at 3 pm. In response, the troops also opened fire on them and they fled to the deep forest of the region. After this incident, additional forces were stationed there and 3 team of troops’ patrol went on. Troops escorted the whole area and went on searching house to house.
Sources could not able to ascertain who fire on troops patrol. Armed groups of JSS and UPDF were on fighting each other on Wednesday at the same place. They opened fire over 5oo rounds. Russel Chakma(35), a JSS leader was killed at the fire while two other were bullet injured. The stray firing continued whole the day. The JSS armed terrorists left arms and ammunition at houses and several places at this time and fled away to the deepest forest. Both sides were engaged to prepare open fire once again from Thursdaymorning. They both tried to capture the area from morning.
Meanwhile an intelligence team went there for rescue the arms and ammunition. Seeing the men of certain disciplined forces, they again opened fire and troops also responded. Firing continued for a while and later on the terrorists fled to the jungle. There is none in list of causalities from armed forces. After search drive ends, it could be clear how much causality belong to the terrorist group.
Sources told parbattanews that the situation of that area is seemed to be normal but violence could be spread any time. Troops are searching after escorted the area. For making this region violence free, the troops announced they would operate a massive drive against the terrorists, the sources added.

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