Two BGB died by one’s grenade: 4 wound badly


parbattanews Report:


Two BGB die on Sunday at near 11:30 am when they have maneuvered on throwing grenade at Khagrachari Firing Range. Other four members wounded badly. One of the wounded, Captain Taifur is in serious condition. Three other are Lance Corporal Masudur, Lance Corporal Mafirul and Lance Corporal Siraj. Dead are Solder Hasan and Corporal Kashem.

Source said, when Hasan opened his grenade pin to throw it dropped down and blast. Kashem, who was near Hasan died immediately after the blast. Hasan was badly wounded and died 40 minutes after admission hospital. He being taken to Khagrachari Central Military Hospital (CMH) as early as possible, but could not win against death. However, wounded sent to Dhaka CMH for their better treatment.

Regional Commander Brigadier General Habibul Karim confirmed the news and said sorrowfully that it is very frustrating accident. He said when Ramgarh Battalions were maneuvering in firing range as the part of their training, this devastating accident happened. However, the reason of this accident, either it is mechanical error or solder’s mistake, can be confirmed after completion of the investigation, said Brigadier General Habib.


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