Two groups are face to face on claiming ownership of the controversial lands in Manikchari


Imran Hossain:
Two tribal organization’s program and counter-program leads to compel the local administration to issue 144 section on Manikchari under  Khagrachari. Reliable source said there is a deserted Gachchabil cluster villages under Manikchari which is the centre-point of all debate. The main claimers and the settler hill people are now standing face to face to indulge fierce conflict.

Recently Gacchabil’s Bakripara, Manadhanapara became restless while the tribal people claim Bengalis’s lands are their lands and this phenonmenon inflame of resentment in the locals. They are passing the comments that the real owner of the lands are Bangles, At the governments executive order they shifted their places elsewhere for time being but the demand and possession to the lands is still remain to them.

The administration has issued controversial Statuesque. However, the regional organization of the UPDF has come under the banner of the Committee on tribal land on Wednesday morning that ignited the instability in the areas. UPDF on Wednesday called rally in Manichari.
On the other hand, JSS called for the arrest of the defendants saying that they are destabilizing the areas. They also called a rally at the same place in same time. Seeing this situation, the local administration issued section 144 on the spot banning all demonstrations and rallies.

According to police, more than a hundred English families had been living in the several cluster villages for a long time on the eastern Bakripara Gacchabilastha, Manadhanaparasaha during 1983-84.  While tense heightened, most of the land were declared abandoned, as a result there stood two groups at that areas. Some are claiming these lands are to them and other are claiming, they are the original owner of the lands.
have complained repeatedly that it is a violation. Despite assurances understanding why such programs are aware of the community in question. Someone seems to be doing now investigating the matter, if necessary.

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