Two-hour armed clash in Rangamati’s Rajasthali; no casualties


In Rajasthali Upazila of Rangamati hill district, locals reported a two-hour armed exchange between two regional groups on Saturday, 20th January.

The incident, occurring from 9:30 am to 11:30 am in the remote Agapara area of Gaindya Union, was allegedly centred on territorial dominance.

The armed conflict has caused widespread panic in the region, although there are no immediate reports of any casualties.

According to a source from the MNP (Marma National Party), approximately a thousand rounds were fired during the clash.

While MNP reported no casualties on their side, there are unconfirmed reports of injuries among the opposition.

The JSS (Jana Samhati Samiti – Santu Larma) has yet to comment on the incident.

OC Ansarul Karim of Chandraghona Police Station confirmed the event, noting the exchange of around a thousand rounds.

He stated that the altercation involved the JSS and the MNP, leading to a palpable tension in the area. However, access to the actual site remains challenging.

Security patrols are ongoing in the area to maintain peace, police authorities have confirmed.

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