Two killed in Bangladesh by mortar shell fired from Myanmar


A mortar shell fired from Myanmar exploded in Ghumdhum, Naikhongchhari, Bandarban, along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, killing a local Bangladeshi woman and a Rohingya man, with a child also injured. The explosion occurred at approximately 2:30 PM on Monday, February 5, in the Jolpaitali sector of Ward No. 4.

The victims were identified as 45-year-old Hosneyara, spouse of Badsha Mia from the Jolpaitali area, and 70-year-old Nobi Hossen, a displaced Rohingya from Myanmar. Reports confirm that the Rohingya victim was the offspring of the deceased Dholu Hossen from Ukhia’s Camp 8 East. An injured child has also been reported in the aftermath.

Witnesses say the incident happened just after noon on Monday, as food was being delivered to the Rohingya day laborer, when a mortar shell launched from Myanmar landed directly inside their dwelling. The explosion claimed the life of the Rohingya laborer instantly. Hosneyara was critically injured and later pronounced dead after being taken to an MSF hospital by locals.

Alamgir Hossen, the Officer-in-Charge at Naikhongchhari Police Station, confirmed the fatalities caused by the mortar shell from Myanmar, with police teams dispatched to the scene for further investigation.

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