Uncontrolled Rohingya refugee camps in Teknaf: People in need

রোহিঙ্গা ক্যাম্প


Muhammadmad Siddiqur Rahama, Teknaf:


Rohingya camps have uncontrolled in border area Teknaf. Due to Rohingyas’ unrestrained access in everywhere, locales are in need. Analysts predict, Rohingya who are Myanmar Citizen recently have done unexpected behavior made bad feeling to locales in Ukhiya and Teknaf.

Estimating that, Rohingyas can be involved in anti-government violence for bribe. Experts point to Rohingya because of their free passage in outside as well as inside. Ukhya and Teknaf Rohingya camps are almost wild. Entrance and exit is not restricted for these foreigners. Thus, Rohungyas can be exploited for any kind of illegal activities by backhand. Hence, experts are in fear, Rahingyas can be appointed by the lowest for any kind of violence.

Several source ensured about Rohingyas’ involvement in brutal in Ramu and Ukhiya on 29 September and 30 September respectively. Additionally in 15 February three were dead between Jamayat-Shibir and police clash. 6 Rohingyas were arrested for the circumstance, police source said.

Furthermore, BGB-Police retrieved dumped weapon from Rohungya camp in Leda and Nayapara of Teknaf. Murder is common in Rohingya camps and this is very natural dangerous violence made by Rogingyas.

Locales said, though Rohingya camps are totally uncontrollable, the drive them as they wished to. Another reason of involvement in violence by Rohingyas is no border wall established as boundaries.

Rohingya camp’s are out of control day by day. Refugees are involving in crime that Bangladesh government let them stay here for the sake of humanity. The reason, refugee camps have become helpless for long time in Teknaf. They denied the boundaries determined by Bangladesh government. Accusation against NGO’s that are openly influenced making crime. Moreover they are to be trained including manufacturing arms and martial art. And almost everyday suspected individuals are getting there without ‘any reason’. But the alarming thing is Rohingyas are abused for politics.

Camp In-Charge of Nayapara Refugee Camp Jalal Uddin said to the reporter, in case of any emergency to go outside, Rohingya must need permission from proper authority. However, there is no guide-wall around the camp, Rohingyas can take attempt to go outside without permission.

NayaPara, Lada, Mochhni in Teknaf, there is 4 camps separately where hundreds of thousand Myanmar citizens lived as Rohingya. Deported by Myanmar government, they lived as for the sake of Bangladesh government. At the same time, Rohingyas are serviced by differnet kind of NGO’s. And with all these service assistances, Rohingyas are involved in crime for more. Now authority needs an deep eye on this issue.

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