UNDP tale-conference signals deep conspiracy against Bengalies hill residence

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Chowdhury Harunur Rashid, from Rangamati :

Rangamati town dwellers expressed sharp reaction on “Bengalese those who live in Chittagong Hill Tracts should transfer from hill areas to plain lands”, the proposal that given by UNDP panel team on a tale conference arranged on Chittagong Hill Tracts issue on Tuesday.

Rangamati UNDP office arranged the conference in where over a dozen of speakers participated. Bengalese leaders said. If UNDP is transferred from Rangamati, the peace and prosperity will return to the region as the UN organization is engaged to conspire  deeply against the common people of the soil. The hill leaders opined in favour to their community but the Bengalese leaders spoke in favour of all whom living in the hill region. In Tale conference, Equal Rights Movement leader Jahangir Kamal, Mostaque Ahmed, Mohammad Yunus, Parbatta Nagarik Parihad leader Begum Nur Jahan, Bangale Chattra Parishad leader Selim Uddin while on behalf of Dhaka residents, Team Leader UK Box, Tomy Blare, Consultant Anurag Chakma, Jhuma Dewan and Dhaka University student Delwar Hossain participated and answered questions of the audience.

UNDP project official Prosenzit Chakma, Rangamati District Governance officer Abul Farah Saleh advocated in favor to the tribal people dropping arguments in favor to all respecting Bengalese and hill people. Secretly arranged the conference, UNDP Rangamati office signals that they are very much engaged to them who are always trying to destabilize three hill districts instead peace and prosperity established there.

Equal Rights Movement leaders said by 17 years after signing the peace treaty, all articles except the three have been implemented. On the other hand, the hill leaders along with the UNDP officials arguing that the Bengalese are to be transferred to plain land so that they could live peacefully. Citizens of a country may loiter here and there and can live any place as they like, says the constitution.

Nobody can disallow to live them as her or his will. It is mentionable that Bangladesh a country in where 1 percent of population live in hill regions and make contribute to the national development and they equally share the result of the task as well. But the Bangle people there fall on disparity and discrimination at every sector either in having education etc or practicing social activities they like.

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