UPDF involve for grenade blast: JSS


Parbattanews Report:

Clamoring to declare illegal to United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) and ban it immediately, expressed in a press release signed by Jano Sanghati Samiti (JSS) information and media secretary Sajib Chakma due to grenade blast in front of regional council office at Rangamati on 22 September.

In the statement, JSS uttered its’ deep frustration about the blast. The statement is as below:

Parbatta Chittagong Jano Songhati Samiti has conveyed its deep depression due to grenade attack in front of Ancholik Parisad Office (Regional Council Office) of Rangamati Sadar on 22 September nearly at 3:25 am by UPDF, a terrorist organization who actually against the Peace Accord. JSS condemned for grenade attack and articulate to the government to take necessary action against the terrorist attack. Simultaneously, government is showing it mercy on UPDF though a huge occurrence committed by UPDF such as a continuous terror attack in Rangamati, killing, kidnap, extortion, torture and conflagration is very embarrassing.

Mentioning that, Sushil Chakma, a terrorist of UPDF threw a grenade targeting to Ancholik Parisad Office nearly at 3:25 am on that day. Total 7 cars, 4 of Chittagong Hill Tracks Development Board (CHTDB), were damaged by grenade hit. More 3 tribal and Bengali involvement to help Sushil is confirmed however.

It is distressing that Deputy Commissioner’s Officer, Army Bridged and Sentry-post, Sonali Bank office and its security post and CHT District Council office was from 30 to 50 gauge distances. It is depressing that with all these important offices and the security check post was near the place of grenade attacked is very unfortunate and shameful.

No need to mention that CHT Anchalik Parisad is playing an important role to establish peace in CHT by CHT Peace Accord.

Thus, CHT Jonosanghati Samiti believes, this attack committed not only against Anchali Parisad, but also against public interest and the people who are involved to execute the Peace Accord. Anchalik Parisad treats this attack as a conspiracy to mess up peace in CHT as well as against the execution of Peace Accord.

Note that, a grenade attack charged on Pahari Chatra Parisad (Hills Tracks Student Forum) gathering at Kallanpur of Rangamati, while they were celebrating the inauguration program of Central Council on 20 May 2012. 1 was dead and 13 wounded badly. In the same district on 17 July and 2 September, CHT Jubo Samiti Media and Information Focal Papul Bishwas and Promes Chakma tries to killed by shot respectively. Moreover, they kidnap people and ransomed in front of security force and police. The recent days they have spread out in several places of Khagrachari, and Naniyarchar, Kutubchari and Baghaichari of Rangamati and have made crime including murder, kidnap and extortion. Although CHT Janosanghati Samiti frequently demand to the government to take necessary step against UPDF, government’s attitude did not take any action so that this terror organization is getting more powerful and more violent day by day.

CHT Janosanghati Samiti is strongly demanding to government to announce UPDF illegal and ban the organization’s all kind of activities through proper investigation of the recent crime and arresting the muggers and penalize them dissuasive.



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