UPDF top terror AGUN arrested in Guimara areas

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Staff Reporter:

Security forces nabbed UPDF top terrorist Agun who was also the planner of killing to JSS leader JAPAN, who usually lived hideouts of Manikchari, Ramgargh, and Guimara. He is terrorist mastermind and his full name is Anthoyai Murma alias Agun Marma (45), which has been detained and later sent to local police station on Tuesday night.

Sources related to security forces said Pannabila, Barabil, Chadurkhil, Tulabil, Kalapani, Dalu, Shimprupara, Tablapara, Uttardalu, Bholaiapara, Dailchari of Manikchari AND  Nakapa,  Paillabhanga of Ramgargh, and Sindukchari, Jaliapara,Barapilak, Budongpara, Nandukkyapara of Guimara are his work field to do series of wrongdoings including extortion, kidnapping and killing that terrorizing the commoners and pushing them to death points. He was involved in killing incidence to local teacher Chingchamong Chowdhury, the sources added.

On getting information from reliable source, Guimara sub zone commander Lt. Abdur Rahman led the operation in the area with aim of seizing Anthoyai Marma. He was at that time loitering there to grab money from the pockets of commoners. However, Agun sensed presence of security forces and fled neighborhood for escaping arrest. Meanwhile, the army surrounded the position information based on a tip-off and arrested him on a commando-style operation.

Locals opined Agun terrorized people for long in the areas and were involved in practices of extortion, kidnapping and terrorism to innocent people, taking them as hostage. Earlier, more operation run but failed to catch him. The report mentioned the innocent victims expressed relief hearing the news of his immediate detention.

He is the son of Marma Kanhlaam under Guimara Budam neighborhood. JSS leader and mastermind of the murder case against him, Guimara police added. OC of Guimara Police station Mohammad Saiful Rahman confirmed the arrest, there is no case against the detained person but he is being investigated, he said to parbatta news.

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