UPDF worker arrested for grenade blast at Santu Larma’s office


Staff Reporter:

Sushil Chakma (23), an UPDF’s active worker arrested for grenade blast at Jano Sanghoti Somiti (JSS) chairperson Santu Larma’s office at Rangamati. He confessed the acquisition in police custody. He is a worker of UPDF he added to police.

He confessed during his interrogation that he was offered BDT 50000, BDT 5000 in advance, for throwing grenade. The associates’ name was disclosed by Sushil in his interrogation. Police is trying to arrest others. Sushil Chakma, son of Basulal Chakm is a resident of Ghilachari Union of Naniyachor at Rangamati. He is the 1st year student of Rangamati Degree College.

4 cars were fissured by powerful grenade explosion in front of JSS office on Monday half past 3 before dawn; however Santu Larma’s car was unscratched. After the incident, people of Rangamati are anxious. From CC camera’s video footage of Rangamati District Council, police arrested this attacker from a hotel named Paharika at 1 pm.

Detective Branch, Police and Military bomb disposal team raided the area immediately after the explosion and collected evidences.

bomb attack at santu office


After the incident, police called a press conference at 4pm. In the conference, police super Amena Begum said, we have taken video footage from CC camera and police identified the attacker. Police super confirmed that a regional political organization involvement in this blast.

Barun Chakma, secretary of Santu Larma complained, people who want to create unrest in CHT did this.

Sadhan Chakma as plaintiff filed a case in Rangamati Kotoyali Police Station against anonymous. Getting the news District Councilor Md. Mostafa Kamal with his high officials instantly visited the place.

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