US presidential candidate Jill Stein arrested at pro-Palestinian protest

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested Saturday at a pro-Palestinian protest at Washington University in St. Louis, but “we are not aware of any charges at this time,” her campaign spokesperson said, CNN reports.

Stein was at the protest to support students who had set up an encampment and declared they would not leave until Washington University divested from Boeing and boycotted Israeli academic institutions, among other demands. In a video recorded prior to her arrest and posted to X, the Green Party candidate said she stood in support of the students and their constitutional free speech rights.

“We’re going to stand here in line with the students who are standing up for democracy, standing up for human rights, standing up to end genocide,” Stein said.

David Schwab, communications director for Jill Stein for President, said Stein had attempted to de-escalate the situation between protestors and police Saturday afternoon, but that the police “were not responsive” and began arrests shortly afterward.

“As Dr. Stein said, it’s shameful that university administrations are condoning the use of force against their own students who are simply calling for peace, human rights, and an end to a genocide that the American people abhor,” Schwab said.

Stein’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager were also arrested.

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