Widows land, orchard grabbed by influential in Matiranga


Influential people under the close assistant of government officials grabbed 4 acres 50 decimal land of a widow at Khedachhara (DP Para) under Matiranga Upazila in Khagrachari district. The same section also try to axe down her matured thousands Segun Trees, worth around tk 19 lakh. Now the section very often threatened her to kill if she tries to resist them in their ill-tread.

The ill-fated widow was identified as Parul Begum, 45, wife of late Jasim Uddin of  Kazi Para under same upazila in the district. Parul Begum came to Khagrachhari Press Club on Saturday and narrating how the influential harass her over land grabbing.

“As a rehabilitee, Government allocated the land in 1980 by the name of my husband Jasim Uddin, who was died in July 15, 1991. The segun orchard was raised by us since 1985, she added”. There was a family grave yard, just adjacent to our Segun orchard, she narrating with tears.

But at the first week of April, this year, the Influential Shamsu Mia, son of late Bazlu Mia and his elder son Abu Bakar Siddique of Khedachhara (DP Para) jointly grabbed the land  showing false document that grabbers made with the help of administration”.

Sensing the grabbing process the widow (Parul Begum) protested grabbing process with the help of local Awami League leaders. Later the same section also made false orchard identifying order (Locally known as Joth Permit) with the help of Matiranga upazila forest ranger Golum Rasul on April 3, this year but also fail to sharp their purposes due to ongoing protest by locals led by the widow.

Help me to live peacefully with my four daughters and grand child’s, she added. When talked with the correspondent grabber Shamsu Mia said he has legal documents in this regards.

“I have risen up the segun orchard since 1995 and the then it was always my control, he added”. Shamsu can’t reply when asked how a segun trees become matured within two years as per your (Shamsu) land documents that was completed in 2012. Shamsu also denied threatening widow for killing but said everything would resolve by legal fight.

Officer-in-charge of Matiranga Police Station said he is aware about the incident and investigating the matters, he said journalist adding that real clues within shortest possible time.

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