Wife of DYF leader abducted and rescued


Parbattanews Report:

Abducting by Santu Larma group from Chitmorom of Kaptai, Rangamati, Sumita Chakma, wife of Sohel Chakma, Organizational Secretary of Democratic Youth Forum, Chandga Thana was rescued by duty police.

After finishing her daily payer on Wednesday, she was on the way to her resident, when abducted by the Santu group and harassed physically. Listing to her screaming, duty police rescued her.

In a press release by Chittagong City Corporation President Jiko Chakma of DYF blamed Janosanghati Samiti (JSS) and uttered his deep frustration and claimed a notable punishment for this disgraceful offence. According to press release, police arrested one of the criminals on the crime spot however Santu group bailed him from police.

Though, JSS spokesperson Sajib Chakma denied the allegation against JSS.

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