Women molesting and torture increased in CHT alarmingly (video)

Sajib Tripura’s confessional & sensational statement in Video


parbattanews Report:

[dropcap color=”O” font=”arial” fontsize=”60″][/dropcap]n unknown reasons, in many cases, the hill female young prefers to have Bengalese male young as lover or husband. One incident among many is Deepa Tripura’s (18) love affair to a Bengalese young. She is the inhabitant of Khetralala under Khagrachari Sadar Upazilla.

Deepa Tripura once planned loving Abdul Hannan(24) son of Mohammed Ahmed Kabir of Satkania in Chittagong. Nevertheless, Deepa knew, her conservative society would not accept the love affairs. Rather, it could endanger her life. On last April 12, she fled taking her boyfriend elsewhere.

However, the news of his defection whenever reached to Hill Students Council (PCP), they angered to the newly going to be couple. They stopped them at local Balyachari bus stand and kidnapped both the boy-friend and female young.

After the abduction of a local terrorist Kriphal Tripura and  Nepal Tripura took Deep Tripura to Renkum by motorcycle and locked her inside a room in zoom home. Led by Sajib Tripura, Aditya Tripura, Raju Tripura, Utpal Tripura forcibly took Abdul Hannan beside a jungle and beaten him mercilessly.

In Renkuma zoom home, the three Krifal Tripura, Nepal Tripura and Sajib Tripura repeatedly raped Deepa Tripura. Suranjit Tripura, Avi Tripura, and Raju Tripura joined that raping function. They made merriment and thrill with Deepa at dead of night. At last they captured and videoed the whole scene in mobile.

On June 13, security forces arrested UPDF supported PCP leader Sajib Tripura (22) and he confessed this at primary interrogation.

In the meantime, security forces arrested Sajib’s favorite colleague Prya Ranjan Tripura (38). They both are the sons of late Manoranjan Tripura living at Bailychari rubber plantation areas.

Security forces on Saturday afternoon on a patrol duty after having secret information, carried on a search operation in Matiranga Bailyachari areas and detained them. In the meantime, security forces rescued some provocative posters were recovered from them. Krifala confirmed the incident, and confessed that local leaders Kriphala Tripura and Nepal Tripura led the whole misdeeds.

According to information provided by Sajib Tripura, the security forces on June 20, detained United People’s Democratic Front UPDF’s student front PSP leader Krifal Bikash Tripura (20) who is the cardinal leader of gang-rape incident of Deepa Tripura. Kriphala Bikash Tripura is locally known as terrorist, extornist, and rapist who reins the areas for long. Security forces nabbed him while they began to carry out the search operation into a bus at Matiranga Pilot High School, Security forces resued several cell phones, SIM Cards, and receipt for realizing subscription. Krifal Bikash Tripura confessed all the episode of Deepa abduction and gang-rape incidence.

A video clip of Sajib Tripura confession to the security forces has reached to parbattanews. In this video, it is learnt that Sanjib gave acknowledgment that the next day at three o’clock in the afternoon, they all gang-raped for second round to the young Deepa Tripura at Bailyachari signboard areas.

Local Guimara Union Parishad Chairman Memang Marma, UP member Fatema Begum, Refugee leader Hemendra Tripura, Digendra Tripura and Sujau Marma mediated to transfer her to her father and mother. Accordingly the handover was done.

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♦ For Muslim young men marrying, a Tripura young girl was abducted by the terrorists in the tribal at Kutukchari

♦ For marrying Bengalese boy, a Marma family in Guimara facing torture, extortion and threaten at  the life.

♦ For marrying Retina on love, a Bengalese young lost a job; death threats, still Saikot Bhadra, a former photojournalist of Prothom Alo newspaper  wants his wife back

♦ By tribal CHT miscreants, Bengalis women rape, torture increased alarmingly

Besides, Sajib Tripura admitted that side by side Deepa Tripura they have regular sexual relations with several women workers of PCP. He also revealed various information about the extortion to security forces.

After hearing about the abduction incidence, troops led by Captain Asif Ahamed carried out a search operation in Matiranga zone area, arrested five suspects, and handed over them to Guimara local police station. However, police station yet to be filed against them any case. Police released them taking bond from them. On the other hand, on mediation of arrestee, police released Abdul Hannan at 9 pm on that night.

On searching the news, it is learnt that Deepa Tripura’s family is now under pressure so that they do not file any case against anybody. They do not dare to file a lawsuit against the terrorists. Even the police do not suit any type of case in this regard. As a result, the gang-rapists are now moving and loitering in the areas at the nose of police administration.

Currently, despite of different race, religion, color, country throughout the continent and the world, wedding is accomplishing rampantly. It is simply a great offense to the hill terrorist organizations to marry to any other color, religion and culture. If any hill girl goes to marry a boy of mainland, the terrorist groups then and then come forward and kill her after being gang-raped.

Rather, if a hill daughter goes on to marry or fall love to a mainland boy, the mountain terrorist groups have tried to kill her after gang rape. It is their social judgment to the hill girls.

On the other hand, Bengali girls and boys fall in love with the mountains girls and boys in very simple mind. They are making friendship to everybody surpassing class, creed or religion and national entities. On love to Bengali Muslim boy and later got marriarge, Guimara’s girl Umacing Marma, Sonabi Chakma of Matiranga, Rina Tripura of Rangamati Kutukachari, Manica Tripura of Ramgarh fell into inhuman torture, abduction, rape and murder incidences. Retina Chakma is the example of this vivid horrible scene that happened in Khagrachari.

On Last February 3, a member of the National Liberation Council journalist Saikat Bhadra held a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity. He was married on love to a hill girl and colleague named Retina Chakma living in Khagrachari. Why his wife married a Bengalese young, for this there comes down torture on the Retina Chakma. Husband lost the job due to wedding lock. Unity NAP president Pankaj Bhattacharya recommended to Prothom Alo Editor for sacking him from job and ultimately under continuous pressure from the hill leaders, Saikot Bhadra lost his job.

At news conference, Bhadra said, Reaching in the twenty-first century, the medieval barbarity of the auction can be taken place on girls in Bangladesh, it may surprise you to know that.

He requested to national conscience for saving his wife Retina Chakma from the auction and cry out to humanity to awaken up. We do not know the next episode of Retina Chakma.

In this way, tribal reckless speed of rape and molestation cases by armed terrorists is staging in the country’s mountainous areas. The most common is that the most of the cases are occurring our out of knowledge.

A section of media is seen to active at so called Islamic scholars decree popularly known as FATWABAZI, but this section of media does not show its interest to protest this brutal and inhuman punishment that is always given on the hill women. The sort of media is always kept silent to this undeclared prosecution provided the hill leaders.

Cases of rape and molestation took place at different rates cross the limit of barbarism. In most cases, the victim’s family cannot dare to file any case to those inhuman people.

If any case filed, there is no urgencies to start trial to those case here. Every one remains invisible and goes out of reach for the evil and devilish power of these criminals. As a result, terrorists are desperately carrying on torture and inhuman behavior to hill women and they in this way spreading communal poisonous environment in hill regional areas.

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