Workers electrified while working in substation


Staff Correspondent

Three workers electrified while working in substation at Khagrachari. To establish CD-PC meter in 11000 Volt line at Guimara Regional substation, the accident occurred.

Co-workers and military personnel rescued them kittle and send to Guimara Military Hospital instantly. Injured are Md. Ratan Molla (35), Basu Tripura (27), and Md. Samsu Mia (28) of which Basu and Samsu’s condition is critical. One of them has suffering blast his lung and one burnt terribly.

Bystander said one line was turned off out of three; workers were working establishment of CD-PC meter which can read efficiency of electricity flow. Suddenly the line slipped and reached to the line which was on. Shot-circuit threw a worker to the poll and two were hanged in the line. After rescuing them and first-aid, all three sent to Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

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