Youth held with firearm during extortion attempt in Bandarban


The army has arrested a 28-year-old man, Jewel Tripura in possession of a homemade gun during an extortion attempt in the Lama area of Bandarban, sources said on Friday.

During the incident, two accomplices managed to escape upon sensing the army’s presence.

The arrest occurred in the remote hill area of Naikhyongmukh within Rupshipara Union.

Law enforcement sources said that Tripura, a resident of Lulaiang village in Gozalia Union and son of Onjaha Tripura, had been using the weapon to extort money from locals in the area over an extended period. He and two others were detained by an army patrol while actively collecting extortion money on Friday afternoon. Tripura was later handed over to the local police.

Shamim Sheikh, officer-in-charge at Lama Police Station, confirmed that a case has been registered against Tripura under the arms law.

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