BGB on high alert amid tensions near Myanmar border


Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is on a state of high alert to prevent any new infiltration as heavy gunfire has been intermittently heard on the Myanmar side of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border from Friday afternoon till Saturday morning.

The heavy gunfire has once again caused fear and anxiety among the locals in the border areas of Ghumdhum, Tumbru in Bandarban and Shah Porir Dwip in Teknaf.

On Wednesday, the Arakan Army took control of a town in Rakhine. Following this, intense gunfire started in the surrounding villages, as reported by the media outlet Irrawaddy.

Teknaf 2 BGB commander Lieutenant Colonel Md Mohiuddin Ahmed said: “There is a war going on across the border. As a result, we (BGB) are in the highest state of alert on the border to prevent any new infiltration.”

Ghumdhum Union Parishad Ward no 1 member Shafiqul Islam said: “After a long time, heavy gunfire from the Myanmar side of the Tumbru border is being heard again, causing fear and anxiety among residents on this side. The sound of gunfire has spread panic among the public. However, people living very close to the border are being advised not to panic.”

Residents living across the Tumbru border said from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, they heard the loud sounds of heavy gunfire intermittently.

Besides, heavy gunfire was heard in the Ghumdhum Bazar Para, Baishfari, and the areas of Whykong and Shah Porir Dwip in Teknaf, across the Naf River in Myanmar.

Whykong Union Parishad Chairman Nur Ahmed Anwari said: “We have heard loud gunfire, similar to mortar shells, from the Myanmar side of the border. We have informed the authorities about this situation. However, we do not know if anyone has infiltrated through the border.”

The media outlet Irrawaddy also reports that 41 injured Rohingyas were taken to Maungdaw Hospital by ambulances from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Their condition is critical, and they lack the financial means for treatment. One person has already died in the hospital.

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