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Rear Admiral Md. KHURSHED ALAM (Retd.) The planet has already started absorbing increasing anthropogenic impacts and accelerating change to social-ecological systems, with local to global implications for human well-being (Steffen et al. 2015a). In response, there has been considerable international focus on conserving ecosystems and enabling sustainable development like Continue Reading
AIR CHIEF MARSHAL MASIHUZZAMAN SERNIABAT (Retd.) Introduction Ever since the perception of security has taken a bigger dimension encompassing much more than the traditional security, the possibility of security enhancement through other means has diversified. Today security means a whole lot of things. To name a few, Human Security, Economic Security, Energy Security, Food Continue Reading
COMMODORE KAZI EMDADUL HAQ (Retd) Introduction Bangladesh has become the seat of discourse amidst the great powers’ competition in the Indo-Pacific. Visits by the newly appointed Chinese foreign minister at midnight and high-level US delegations created curiosity among journalists and interlocutors. Social media, Twitter, television, and interlocutors have built up Continue Reading
AIR VICE MARSHAL MAHMUD HUSSAIN (Retd) The post-Cold War era has been the most interesting phase in international politics in recent history. No other period has held the balance of power system in so much of ambivalence. The period has two distinct phases. The first phase started with the collapse of the former Soviet Union. […]Continue Reading
Maj Gen Dr. Md. NAYEEM ASHFAQUE CHOWDHURY (Retd.) After a lot of efforts, the Rohingya community around the world could come to a sole political platform named Arakan Rohingya National Alliance (ARNA) on November 20. It was a much-awaited requirement and decision, which is needed to establish Rohingya’s right of self-determination, to be able to […]Continue Reading
Maj Gen MOHAMMAD ASHAB UDDIN, NDC, PSC (Retd) The Chittagong Hill Tracts is a naturally beautiful and culturally varied region in Bangladesh’s southeast. It has a total area of 5,093 square miles, one-tenth the size of Bangladesh. The region boasts various hills, protected woods, and the magnificent Kaptai Lake. Thirteen tribes and Bengalis live in […]Continue Reading