Nine Myanmar border guards seek refuge in Bangladesh amid clashes


Nine members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) sought refuge in Bangladesh early Sunday morning, crossing into Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar through two border points, according to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).

At approximately 5:30am, amid escalating conflicts between Myanmar government forces and rebel groups, six guards crossed at Jhimbongkhali border point and three at Kharangkhali. They were detained by BGB personnel upon entry. Both Jhimbongkhali and Kharangkhali border points fall under Hwaikhyong Union Parishad.

A BGB source from Teknaf stated that the guards, armed and fearful for their lives due to the ongoing hostilities, were initially disarmed and secured by Bangladesh border forces.

Local reports suggest that the conflict between the junta forces and the rebel Arakan Army in Myanmar’s Rakhine State has intensified, causing widespread fear among residents on the Bangladeshi side of the border due to continuous gunfire and explosions.

The BGB first housed the nine Myanmar border guards at the Jhimbongkhali and Kharangkhali border outposts where the battalion commander visited to inspect the situation of the defectors.

Professor Nur Ahmed Anwari, chairman of the Hwaikhyong Union Council, confirmed the incident, stating that the BGP members fled to Bangladesh to escape the violence. They were subsequently disarmed by BGB personnel, who then took them into custody.

Sources added that the refugees are currently being sheltered at the Hnila High School.

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