Nine Myanmar junta strongholds seized in two days: KIA

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and its allies say they have seized nine Myanmar junta strongholds in Waingmaw and Momauk townships, Kachin State, in two days, The Irrawaddy reports.

The KIA, Arakan Army, Kachin People’s Defense Force (PDF) and other groups reportedly seized a major camp on Thursday near Nahpaw and Pajau Bum villages in Waingmaw Township, where the KIA headquarters is based.

The KIA was based in Nahpaw under military dictator Ne Win but it relocated to Laiza in May 1987, according to the Kachin Independence Organization, the KIA’s political wing.

Five other positions between Pajau Bum village and Laiza town had also fallen, according to the KIA.

The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports.

The 438 Light Infantry Battalion headquarters in Numlang village and a 616 Artillery Battalion base in Nawng Kawn village in Momauk Township on Thursday.

“We attacked the battalion bases on Thursday morning and seized them both in the evening,” said a PDF member.

Battalion 438 was based on the important Myitkyina-Bhamo road and the artillery camp could shell the KIA’s headquarters in Laiza.

The KIA headquarters for over two decades has been surrounded by Myanmar military camps, which have all now fallen.

On Saturday morning, 370 Artillery Battalion fell.

The KIA and its allies seized Infantry Battalion 142 headquarters in Dawthponeyan town on March 8 and Infantry Battalion 237 headquarters near Dasai village in Momauk Township was seized on March 15.

The KIA and its allies say they have seized nearly 50 junta outposts in the last 16 days, including battalion headquarters in Tanai, Hpakant, Sumprabum, Waingmaw and Momauk townships.

Numlang’s battalion base was a logistics hub from where reinforcements were deployed around Laiza, the KIA said.

The KIA might next target Bhamo, the district capital in southern Kachin State, where Military Operations Command 21 is based.

The KIA said six of its fighters were killed and 10 severely injured while the junta suffered numerous deaths and hundreds of regime troops surrendered.

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