Tragic death of young boy wounded in Sajek shootout


A seven-year-old boy, Romeo Tripura, has died following severe abdominal injuries caused by a bullet during a fierce shootout between two regional armed factions, the UPDF and JSS, in the remote Gandachara area of Sajek Union, Rangamati’s Baghaichhari upazila. He was undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical Hospital when he passed away.

Romeo died early on Tuesday (7 May) at 2 AM.

His father, Faben Tripura, detailed the desperate attempts to save his son. Late on Monday, medical personnel at Chittagong Medical referred Romeo to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), but no beds were available. Subsequently, he was moved to the Dental Hospital for critical care, where it became apparent that life support was necessary but unavailable. Tragically, Romeo passed away in an ambulance while being transferred to Asian Hospital.

In a poignant appeal, Faben Tripura expressed his hope that no other child should endure such a tragic fate and called for an immediate end to the armed conflicts in the hills.

Shirin Akhtar, the Baghaichhari Upazila Nirbahi Officer, conveyed her deep condolences over Romeo’s death and promised ongoing support to his family.

On February 12, amid a presidential visit, Romeo Tripura was wounded in a shootout involving two hill factions battling for territory in Gandachara, Sajek.

He was rescued by the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and local officials, initially treated in Sajek, and later transferred to Chittagong Medical for extended care.

His subsequent three-month treatment, managed by the Tripura Student Forum, was financially supported by the Rangamati District Administrator, Khagrachhari District Council, and Khagrachhari Army Region.

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