Two UP members missing for nine days in Rajasthali


Two local Union Parishad members from Rangamati’s Rajasthali upazila have been missing for the past nine days, sparking concerns of possible abduction. Relatives of the missing officials claim that the regional militant group JSS is behind their disappearance, according to statements given to local authorities.

Chandraghona Police Station has officially confirmed the missing reports. The individuals identified as missing are Kachinghla Marma, 34, a member of the 7th ward, and Ikhyaimong Marma, 36, a member of the 8th ward of Bangalhalia Union Parishad. A formal complaint has been filed by Kachinghla Marma’s wife.

Md. Ansarul Karim, the Officer in Charge at Chandraghona Police Station, confirmed the ongoing situation, stating that efforts to locate the two council members are actively underway. “We are fully committed to resolving this distressing situation as swiftly as possible,” Karim noted.

The officer also mentioned that the details of the parties involved in the incident remain unclear, with further information expected to surface once the individuals are found.

Reports from the family of Kachinghla Marma indicate that both he and Ikhyaimong Marma went missing simultaneously on the morning of April 7 while at the Bangalhalia market. Since then, all attempts to locate them have been unsuccessful.

A family member, who requested anonymity, disclosed that both men had previously received threats from JSS. Fearing for their safety, Ikhyaimong Marma had relocated his family to Talukdar Market’s third floor within the Bangalhalia market. The two were managing their official duties from this location until their disappearance. Their mobile phones have since been turned off, cutting off all possible communication.

In response to the incident, a missing persons diary was filed by Kachinghla Marma’s wife at Chandraghona Police Station, bearing the diary number 355, dated April 10, 2024.

Family sources also indicated that the last known location of the missing Union Parishad members was in Bandarban.

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