14 Myanmar Border Police flee to Bangladesh, BGB takes custody of arms


In the Naikhongchhari area of Bandarban, adjacent to Myanmar, 14 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have sought refuge in Bangladesh amid clashes with the Arakan Army. The Bangladesh Border Guard Force (BGB) has taken their weapons and ammunition into custody.

A BGB official confirmed the incident on Sunday, stating that further details would be provided in an upcoming press conference by BGB Battalion 34.

Violence in Myanmar’s vicinity near the Ghumdhum border has displaced hundreds since Saturday night, driving residents from Tumbru, Konarpara, Bajabonia, and Baishfari to seek safety. Bullets from Myanmar injured one individual in Tumbru, and a Baishfari home caught fire from a shell.

Local officials noted the gunfire originated near the BGP’s Tumbru Right Camp and Dhekibunia outpost, areas now under attack by the Arakan Army, aiming to seize these last standing BGP positions in the 48-kilometer stretch.

A teacher residing west of the Tumbru Right Camp reported that fierce overnight battles forced many, including over a hundred local families, to find refuge. Continuous gunfire was heard as of 10:30 am.

A Ghumdhum Union Council member recounted a shell causing a fire in a local’s home, yet no injuries were reported. Firefighters managed to control the fire. 

Triratan Chakma, Primary Education Officer, shared that the ongoing conflict has led to the closure of local schools, with teachers and students in a state of fear.

Deputy Commissioner Shah Mojahid Uddin assured that the situation is manageable, with the BGB and police on high alert. 

The highway connecting to Myanmar has been shut, and locals have been urged to remain vigilant, he said. 

He also acknowledged receiving information about members of the Myanmar border guard force seeking refuge, but noted that the specifics of the situation were yet to be confirmed.

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