24 more Myanmar border guard members enter Bangladesh


Amid ongoing conflict between the Arakan Army insurgents and junta forces in Myanmar, 24 more members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) sought refuge in Bangladesh on Friday, 19 April.

“Three BGP members entered through Teknaf’s Jhimongkhali border and eight through Naikhongchhari’s Hatimara border this afternoon,” said Shariful Islam, Public Relations Officer (PRO) at BGB headquarters, on Friday.

“Earlier today, 13 more BGP members surrendered to the Bangladesh Coast Guard near the Naf River. With these 24 new arrivals, the total number of BGP and army personnel now in BGB custody at Naikhongchhari headquarters has reached 285,” he added.

On Tuesday, 18 members of the Myanmar security forces entered Bangladesh during the day. Additionally, on Monday afternoon, two army personnel crossed through Naikhongchhari’s Baishfari border. On Sunday, another 14 BGP members fled to Bangladesh via the Teknaf border.

Previously, on 30 March, three members of the Myanmar Army sought refuge through the Naikhongchhari border.

Earlier, on 11 March, an additional 177 personnel from the Border Guard Police and the army sought shelter in Bangladesh.

Prior to these events, 330 individuals from Myanmar fled to Bangladesh in several rounds. They were repatriated back to Myanmar on 15 February.

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