Army’s Rangamati Region doles out humanitarian aid and winter wear


In a recent humanitarian outreach, the Bangladesh Army’s Rangamati Region unit has undertaken a commendable initiative under the Harmony Development Program. 

Aimed at aiding the distressed, helpless, and those facing hardships, the army distributed essential supplies, including sewing machines and corrugated iron sheets, to foster self-employment among the local population.

The distribution ceremony took place on Thursday, February 8, at the brigade’s premises, where Brigadier General Sohel Ahmed, the commander of the Rangamati army region, personally handed over the aid and winter clothing to the beneficiaries. 

The initiative not only aims to alleviate immediate needs but also to empower the local community by providing the means for self-sustainability.

Key items distributed included sewing machines to encourage self-employment, corrugated tin sheets for housing repairs, wheelchairs for the elderly, and a total of Tk 222,850 – of which Tk 183,350 was allocated specifically for medical assistance to the destitute – in financial aid. 

The army also distributed winter clothing and blankets to impoverished women to ensure their comfort during the colder months.

G2I Major Tajdik Bin Nazrul and Major Md. Asfiqur Rahman, among others, attended the event. 

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